Growing crops in greenhouses is fast becoming a preferred norm in the agricultural community- Cultivation of Cannabis in a Greenhouse is also proven the way to go and is preferably farmers and even many the law enforcement officials across the country and in Northern California as well. These new-age greenhouses are actually called Hightunnels which is actually a high tech "cold frame" and not the traditional wood & glass greenhouse as they are considered "temporary structures" which can greatly aid agriculture operations. The USDA now encourages and even funds hightunnels for farmers growing conventional crops as these systems conserve water, power, and serve as a habitat for biological alternatives for pest control (such as ladybugs and lacewings) instead of chemical pesticides. These hightunnel systems utilize natural ventilation and passive solar principals to enhance production and do not rely on electricity or heating fuels. Greenhouses (hightunnels) allow cultivators to limit production costs and benefit the environment by cutting down the carbon footprint of growing operations. Because of this, greenhouses have taken hold in both the conventional crop and cannabis industry. As cultivation expert Jorge Cervantes put it, "a greenhouse is one of the best places to grow medicinal marijuana." Cannabis growers see the same advantages of being able to control the environmental conditions of their plants as well as having an alternative to chemical farming- add to this the added necessity of physical security and biological isolation and these systems are the wave of the future in crop production. Across the country more and more square footage is utilized for growing non-psychoactive cannabis for medicine (High CBD) varieties and more recently, for recreational (THC) use, where it is allowed. Medicinal growers find with a greenhouse, they can eliminate cross pollination isolate the mostly CBD strains that have been medically proven to alleviate pain, nausea, seizures; spasticity, epilepsy and neuropathic pain. It seems likely that it is just a matter of time before limited personal grows of THC types in a secure structure as well as large-scale commercial (and TAXABLE) grows of the CBD types will be allowed. Being able to lock the doors and keep those who should not have access to cannabis (primarily children and pets) is another reason for growing in a greenhouse, as these structures can be hardened to control access. Several nearby county officials have expressed to their growing communities that they would prefer all grows be indoor (greenhouse) and even some counties with the most restrictive 'rules' still license secure greenhouse grows. While most greenhouse grows are in rural areas an on agricultural land, greenhouses are also suitable for urban settings- as they can be seen as compliant- if the grower can assure authorities that the structure can be secured have virtually little negative footprint You can also control the smell by using carbon exhaust filters and utilizing light proof covers to eliminate light pollution. Where it is currently allowed (or not)- more and more people are growing pot. Personal use is the main reason with commercial production close behind- with CBD varieties grown for commercial medicinal use showing great signs of promise. Bottom line is that virtually all the growers I meet tell me that just really enjoy growing the herb.

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*** Warning: The equipment and information in these pages is intended for lawful and permitted use in any state where there is a legitimate need for these products and were they are intended to be used- We will not ship to any state or other locality where laws do not permit the legal use of these systems.

We provide Complete High Quality Kits for building both Cold Frames, Hightunnels and Commercial Greenhouses. These Kits are complete and include the Precision Bent Frames, State-of-the-Art Hardware & Software and a selection Greenhouse Coverings. They are easy to construct and offer an affordable Solution to Extending your Crop Production.

TUNNEL SALE! as low as $25/foot!

as low as $25/foot!

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Yuba County Starstruckture 30ft X 60ft

STARSTRUCKTURE GOTHIC ARCH Greenhouses - This system is 30 ft wide, by any length, up to 140 ft. These systems are easier to convert to a Commercial Growing System as the square footage and large volume of air within it offers several options in Heating, Cooling that smaller houses- with small air masses cannot. This allows you to monitor your conditions completely..

Complete Greenhouse Controllers & Light Deprivation Systems - Complete Control Means you can determine the Temperature; Humidity; Air Flow; Light Values; CO2 Level; Fertility; Photo Period & More!


iGrow 800 CONTROLS












THIS SYSTEM NOT ONLY DISPLAYS AND CONTROLS YOUR GREENHOUSE PARAMETERS - It can communicate! Using Text Alerts directly to your PHONE Use you your PHONE to Make adjustments to your Greenhouses

FINE TUNE your Climate for Optimal Crop Production

Record your Growing Parameters for future use or Analysis

iGrow will also let you know how much energy your greenhouse is using- allowing you to adjust- to save money- You can also see which equipment is using the most energy...


Below is the Auto Depo Closing

Our 30 ft wide STARSTRUCKTURE ensures maximum space for plants whether you grow in Ag Pots made by ALL GEAR or in the ground and that means your garden will grow large and healthy.


As are all of our kits- this unit is complete, from the Ground Posts to the Cover Film, including all hardware and even the drill bits and nut drivers. All you need to put this together is someone to help you stand it up, basic carpentry skills, drill motor, screw gun, ladders and a basic mechanical tool kit. Complete Instructions and guidance are supplied with the kit and Technical help is just a just a Phone Call Away

3. Simple Hoop House Frames or Low Tunnel Greenhouses - These frames are utilized to build 8 ft to 12 ft wide structures that are 9 ft to 12 ft tall at center (depending on height of the straight sidewalls).

30x72 footer

They are made from 1.66 to 1.315" dia. galvanized steel. These are simple Cold Frames that are basically a simple series of hoops with hardware to connect the purlins and hold down the Agribon, shade cloth or greenhouse film. They can be easily set-up, taken down & moved again to any location. They can also be used to cover Rasied Beds- Although these frames can be used to build a basic tunnel-type Hoop House- the nest step up is to a Hightunnel design that is far superior for growing with maximum productivity.


SOLAROOF® Greenhouse Covering - is a new woven poly greenhouse covering m














Gothic Arch







30x48 High Altitude



30 ft x 72 ft




30 ft x 100 ft







20 ft x 48 ft


20 ft x 72 ft


Super Producer

20 ft x 96 ft






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